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A call was all it took to understand what services Nadean could help me with to help grow my business quickly and efficiently

Nadean Lowe


Services we Offer

I offer a range of services that I have shown just below.

Tendering and Procurement Services

I can help companies win public sector contracts across the UK and Ireland. This includes identifying relevant tenders to bid for and developing strong and winning content. In 2020 – 2021 the estimated value of contracts won – £18million+

Mentoring/Personal Development

I offer a full range of programs that include, Personal Development, Confidence Building, Effective Communication, Time Management, Career Development, Managing Teams, Project Management and Performance Management

Specialist Expertise

I work as a Trainer and Mentor, to make companies more competitive by developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of the public sector tendering process. With lots of experience and knowledge of this process, your business can make use of my skills.

British Sign Language/Deaf Awareness

I am a qualified user of British Sign Language (BSL), and offer a range of bespoke training which allows businesses to communicate more effectively with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community. Includes Deaf Awareness, An Introduction to BSL, and Conversational Sign Language

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

This call is not a sales pitch. We simply want you to understand the range of services that we have that may help you grow our business.

What We Do Before the Call

We check your website, analyse your brand, and check your social media engagement, …)

What Happens During the Call

We explain how we can help with procurement bids, mentoring if required and with deaf awareness training.

What Changes After the Call

After the call your company will be in a much better position to understand if we can help grow your business and improve its efficiency.

About Nadean Lowe

With over 25 years’ experience working with SMEs across all sectors throughout the UK and Ireland, my wealth of experience enables me to specialise in Tendering and Procurement; Importing and Exporting; Sales Development; Project Management; Business Development and Business Growth.

Why We Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

We have worked with many clients who made that first call.

martha Jones

Senior Marketing Manager

Our company had little knowledge of the public tendering process. After a call with Nadean we were able to get a much better understanding of what tenders were available and how to help develop our business and marketing strategy.

Shawn parker

IT Manager

It was really good to speak with Nadean and get a much better understanding of how we could work together to improve our business quickly and effectively.

Jessica Sanders

Business Development Manager

A quick call is really all that it takes. There is no pressure to sign up to anything and you just get a clearer picture of what is available. I was interested in mentoring and the call helped me understand what we could do together.

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